Am I Worthy?

Growing up as a child of abuse I always felt shame and guilt that was unexplainable, but what has carried with me into adulthood is a feeling of not being truly worthy of anything. Something it's as simple as a, "you look nice" or "you did a good job on that." It's a feeling that... Continue Reading →


All a Little Broken

On some level all of us are damaged or broken inside to one degree or another, but that's ok. Have any of you dealt with the broken record way of thinking? This recording that plays in our head saying, "your damaged, your not liked, people don't listen to you." It might be a different recording... Continue Reading →

Sadness…I’m Addicted!

I am addicted to sadness. That may sound like a weird statement to some, "why would anyone choose to be sad?" Growing up, I had an older sister who we referred to her as, "not being happy unless she was miserable." But, I am addicted to sadness. It really goes back to how I learned... Continue Reading →

A Trip Down Memory Lane

I have known for a while that I suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). However it has never really been explained to me in helpful detail. So, I am taking matters in to my own hands. I have been in and out of therapy since the day I turned 18. The sexual abuse happen... Continue Reading →

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