Silent Treament, Not Gonna Work!

I sometimes wonder what it is about me that people think they can’t tell when I did something wrong or have upset them. I do realize that I am an intense person most of the times, especially of late. It seems that I really have been in a down ward spiral in the past few years and it has been out of control this last 14-18 months. I am having so much trouble pulling myself out of it.

I have this roommate, who at times is my best friend, depending on her mood and if I exists. I know I was taking a chance moving in with her and that these sorts of things were going to happen. It seems as though the harder I try to keep us close the more she pulls away. Living with her in the sense that I never know what to expect when I walk into the house is a lot like that of when I was a child living with my mom.

It’s hard not even being acknowledge when I walk into a room or say hi. It makes me doubt myself as a descent human being. I know I’m not perfect and that I make mistakes and not always easy to get along with. But what kind of relationship is this if we can’t be honest with each other about anything. I hate trying to guess what is wrong but I am to scared at the same time to ask or stand up for myself.

I do love her but at times I feel as though this relationship no longer serves either of us in a positive way. This is how it has been from the beginning. We hit it off and then I wouldn’t hear from her for months and then out of the blue I would get a call and she would act like nothing was wrong and we would pick up right where left off. The worse part is I am so desperate for friend and support that I just go along with it. I have been living with her for about 2 years now and last year so was so upset with me that she deleted me off Facebook, like I wouldn’t noticed.

It’s so frustrating and hurtful. I keep asking myself why do I insist on going after these relationships with people men and women that seem to me like an uphill battle all the time? I seem to push away people that have interest in me and fight for those who don’t.

I really need to reevaluate my life choices.


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